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Manual Water Pump instant access to fresh, room temperature water. The pumps simple design provides enhanced durability and its small size makes it easy to carry and place anywhere. Manual Water Pump uses 3-5-gallon bottles, which reduce waste from single-serve bottles and filters. Perfect for use with great-tasting Water


Adjustable and bendable tube system

3 upper supply pumps for different bottles sizes (Small / Medium / Large)


New fastner design keep all the working parts inside

Discharge spout with a sanitary cap to keep unwanted germs away

Go Green

Manually operated

BPA material (Non-Toxic Plastic / No Bisphenola-A / No Phthalates)

How to use:

Clean the pump and tubes, boiled water for 3 minutes would be best.

Connect the tubes, 2 or 3 ones according to the height of your water jug.

Connect the tubes and the pump,and push the pump to neck of the bottle.

Adjust the locking nut to tighten to secure pump to bottle and create a proper vacuum.


Soft, Gentle press system making it Comfortable for elders & kids

BPA Food grade Virgin Plastic ensures safe Drinking water

Adjustable Neck settings allows it to fit on standard Bubbletop cans

Easy to assemble & Quick to clean

Anti-dirt & Anti-splash cap for nozzles assuring hygiene quotient

No more lifting of Water Cans/ Fix it directly on cans

APPLICATION: Ideal choice for water dispensing in Home, Office, Schools, Hospitals .,

No more heavy lifting of water cans for clean & safe drinking water dispensing

Unique fastener reduces the amount of germs that could contaminate your water. Adjustable n bendable tubes system helps pump to adapt to each size and also allows you to completely empty the bottle

Food safe: with the combination of bpa less food grade plastic materials, its soft/gentle press system is comfy even for elders and kids to get safe drinking water from bubble-top cans

Versatile: adjustable neck settings allows it to fit onto standard 20l water cans making it easy to assemble and quick to be cleaned

Hygienic: anti-dirt and anti-splash cap can be closed onto the nozzle to secure the when not in use. Cleaning is a breeze with the included tube brush so that you can use the manual pump again and again with no worries of bacteria buildup and contamination

Portable, use anywhere pump, with no motor or battery requirements.100% manual use and hassle-less installment

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