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Heavy Weight Double Side Scale Triangle Measurement Hand Tool

Heavy Weight Double Side Scale Triangle Measurement Hand Tool

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Aluminum Alloy Rafter Square 7-Inch Length

Multi Functional Tool

Rafter Square can speed your job or laying out angles. You can frame a roof or a solar panel support, you can layout stairs, cabinets, trim work and any other construction projects. A multi-purpose square tool marking square and 45-degree lines, protractor saw guide, finding roof pitch, etc.

Tri-square, meter square, protractor, line scriber and saw guide all in one tool.


Ideal for all building and remodeling projects, Strong die cast aluminum construction.

Use as a protractor, miter, or framing square. Also useful for hobbyists, home builders, manufacturers, artists.

Must-have carpenter's tool for framing, roofing, angling & more.

Used to make precise right-angles and as a cutting and drawing guide - features preset measurements.

Incorporates features of framing square, tri square, and protractor square

Increase wood decoration triangular ruler, Angle ruler, imperial system


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Silver

Package Includes:

1 Piece Rafter Square 7-Inch

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