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Mosquito Trap Killer Space Ship Design Mosquito Lamp

Mosquito Trap Killer Space Ship Design Mosquito Lamp

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Mosquito Trap Killer Space Ship Design lamp Flying saucer mosquito catcher suction Machine

Upgraded Fan Suction Technology: The LED light effectively lures small insects to fly into the lamp, and then the built-in fan with strong suction sucks mosquitoes, flies, small moths and bugs into box of the lamp, and they will be dehydrated to die naturally

High-energy silent design.

Safer: The LED mosquito killer lamp adopts safe and healthy physical way to kill mosquito. No toxic, no odour and no chemical substance, 100% safe to human and environment, which is healthier than traditional pest repellent, spray and incense. Perfect for baby, kids, pregnant women, the aged and pets

asy Use and Clean: The mosquito trap can be Charged Directly with computer, power bank, USB adapter, (Power Adapter Not Included). Cute UFO shape design is portable and lightweight so that you can kill the insects anytime and anywhere. 5V working voltage ensures safe to touch and energy-saving. Large mosquito box can store amounts of small dead insect bodies.

Detachable design allows the box an easy removal and easy cleaning, just power out the dead body for next round use

Non-toxic, odorless and no electric zapping. Safe for babies, small children, and pets. Works best in a dark and closed room

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