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Water Saving Faucet Water Valve Splash Regulator

Water Saving Faucet Water Valve Splash Regulator

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Adjustable 360 Degree Rotation Water Saving Faucet Water Valve Splash Regulator Water Filter Tap ??

The Faucet water-saving shower head bellows can be a telescopic adjustment, arbitrary bending 360-degree rotation. The tube can rotate 360 degrees. The faucet sprayer is equipped with a flexible hose. It is super convenient to clean the sink. This is ideal for kitchen appliances. Made of Durable quality material, anti-corrosion and rust-resistant, durable and safe to use.

Perfect for kitchen, bathroom or laundry room sinks, this handy, flexible spray. It can self-cleaning and easy to attach. PVC sleeve flexible and flexible Suitable for installation in round and long water outlets, suitable for outlets with a diameter of about 22/24mm. PP hose can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to clean Shower-like water, large contact area, even watering, saving water.User-friendly design with hose faucet sprayer, 360-degree rotation for easy cleaning of the kitchen sink. Easy to operate, easy to clean, it is placed directly on the faucet, and it can be easily pulled from the flow adjustment spray, which can save about 50% moisture.+

?? Features

?? Run shower from normal size water tap or normal pipe end without tap

?? Very material, no leakage problem at all, quality proven and enjoyed by lacs of people across india

?? It works as a water filter as well since it has inbuilt minute holes for outflow which restrict tiny raptiles, insects and dust particles

?? How it works water pressure makes inbuilt fan run that converts straight flow to shower

?? Spray water evenly, save water, and be easy to clean

?? Specifications

?? Material: ABS + PVC Plastic

?? Color: Random (Dispatched As per Availability)

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