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Folding Shopping Portable Storage Basket

Folding Shopping Portable Storage Basket

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Multipurpose Foldable Portable Stackable Storage Container Basket (Multicolor)

Durable and eye catching storage container, you can use these in office and home also Useful for Fruits & Vegetable Storage Crate is smart, space-saving solution to simplify all of your activities, trips and day-to-day tasks. Crates combines packing, transport and storage into one reusable, collapsible container.


? This collapsible shopping basket is a multi-purpose organizer.You can fold it up and put several in the trunk of the car.
? It only takes up a small space and is convenient for you to pick fruits in the wild,shop in the supermarket,or collect toys,also very suitable as a small organizer for storage rooms and kitchens.
? The interlocking design of the folding baskets allows you to stack them neatly when they are full or folded,saving you space as much as possible.
? When unfolded,beautiful design,sturdy structure,side buckle design to prevent the basket from tilting and prevent groceries from falling.
? When you want to fold it,just push from the bottom of the short side to quickly lay the foldable basket flat,it is very simple.
? The perfect collapsible shopping basket can be used to haul groceries, used at the farmer's market.
? Multipurpose basket is convenient for the kitchen to storage of various objects.
? The plastic crate to hold up heavy stuff well.
? Collapsible shopping crates with handles can be used in a variety of occasions.
? Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, shopping mall, office, outdoor, car trunk, it can be competent for its storage work.

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